For Families

Families are welcome!!! Kids are welcome with a smile everywhere in Athens. If you’re travelling to Athens with family, here’s the lowdown on the playgrounds, escape rooms and mythology tours that will keep kids of all ages happy.


A state-of-the-art playground on the beach of Glyfada

Glyfada acquired a brand-new playground for the first time on its coastal front. Specifically, the Municipality of Glyfada completed the construction of a modern, safe and quality playground on the 3rd beach and handed it over to the public. New trees were planted in and around the playground, new lighting fixtures were installed with state-of-the-art LED lamps, while a large boat game dominates the center.

Allou! Fun Park

The biggest amusement park in Greece is just a short distance from Glyfada and is a most beloved entertainment option for all ages with a big variety of rides, games and happenings throughout the year in a beautiful green environment.

Attica Zoological Park

During your visit to the Attica Zoological Park, you will be impressed by the rhinos, giraffes, reptiles, lions, parrots, Skyros horses, deer, chimpanzees, camels, elephants, dolphins, seals, wolves, tortoises, hippos, alligators and flamingos. Go and the zoo educators will bring you closer to the animals you love. Yes, you will be given the opportunity to feed the animals you like.

ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Archelon Centre, a five-minute walk from the Emmantina Hotel, is open to visitors who are interested in the rescue and care of turtles. You will be guided around the tanks hosting hospitalized turtles, and the exhibition area. You will be given the opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation about the unique characteristics of sea turtles (Free entrance).