Beaches & Nature

Hotel is located only 100 meters from the ocean blue beach of Glyfada.

Glyfada riviera

Glyfada Beach

The beach of Glyfada is right across the entrance of our hotel, only a couple of minutes walking. The coast of Glyfada is ideal for morning jogging, all-day swimming or just overlook the iconic Greek sun. The beach of Glyfada is awarded with a Blue Flag Quality and it is always welcoming for swimming, sunbathing or just glazing the infinity blue ocean of the Aegean sea.

Beaches & Nature

Astir Beach

Located in the neighbouring town Vouliagmeni is the most well-known and cosmopolitan seaside. The convenient sunbed, chairs, water sports, boutiques, restaurants, massage therapists, tasty snacks and beverages offered by the exceptional on-beach wait service will make your day there a luxurious experience.

Balux Seaside Escape

Are you looking for a clean beach, a relaxing swimming pool, a beach bar with exotic cocktails, a restaurant that offers delicious tastes and a playground, for your children? Then visit the Balux Seaside Escape. (Entrance: Fee required)

Varkiza Resort Yabanaki Beach

The fun side of the beach. The renewed beach park Varkiza Resort Yabanaki Beach is located on the beautiful central beach of Varkiza. It has easy access through seaside road or through Attica road and constitutes a multispace of many and different activities.

Vouliagmeni Lake and Natural Health Spa

Visitors of Vouliagmeni Lake will be excited by the desirable amenities of this thrilling location which is full of mysterious caves. The lake looks like a volcanic crater filled with light blue water of temperature between 22C to 29C degrees all year around. Its waters have salts and minerals with healing properties for many dermatological and muscle diseases. The GarraRufa fish or spa fish are part of the Lake’s ecosystem. Go now for a winter or summer revitalizing swimming experience! It is only a 15-minute drive from the hotel. (Free Entrance for the visit and Fee required for facilities).


ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Archelon Centre, a five-minute walk from the Emmantna Hotel, is open to visitors who are interested in the rescue and care of turtles. You will be guided around the tanks hosting hospitalized turtles, and the exhibition area. You will be given the opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation about the unique characteristics of sea turtles (Free entrance).

The Society for the Protection of See Turtle ARCHELON founded in 1983 and is a non-profit organization. In 1993 ARCHELON, in collaboration with the Municipality of Glyfada, created the first hospital for sea turtles in the Mediterranean. Object of the Association is to study the conservation of see turtles and their habitats and management of coastal ecosystems, important turtle nesting beaches in the country. Also, the goal of ARCHELON is the treatment of injured sea turtles and then their release.

National Gardens and Zappeion

Take a breath of fresh air in the centre of Athens! Next to the Parliament are the beautiful National Gardens, a public part that also encloses some ancient ruins, tambourines and Corinthian capitals of columns. Enjoy the stroll in the park that is filled with gorgeous trees, rare plants and a shallow pond with colourful ducks. It is indeed a place of botanical interest!

Attica Zoological Park

During your visit to the Attica Zoological Park, you will be impressed by the rhinos, giraffes, reptiles, lions, parrots, Skyros horses, deer, chimpanzees, camels, elephants, dolphins, seals, wolves, tortoises, hippos, alligators and flamingos. Go and the zoo educators will bring you closer to the animals you love. Yes, you will be given the opportunity to feed the animals you like.